Troop Salute: Rayford Wilson of the US Army

Most of us have someone close who has served this nation in the military. If you think about that person or those people, and you think about what type of character they have, you’ll probably notice that they are a bit tougher. The service isn’t only for those who are extra tough or resilient going in. Anyone can make the choice to join up today. But the person that comes out of the service has that extra something. They are a bit tougher, they have a different perspective, and usually a different appreciation for what it means to be OF service to this nation. Today we are saluting a man who has kept up that resilience all the way through life. Today we salute Rayford T Wilson of the United States Army. Rayford served very proudly in the Army during Vietnam. He worked in intelligence and logistics. Much later on Rayford retired from the Army and took that grit to a job at the Post Office where he served the community until he made retirement there. Two retirements in one life is pretty good, but that’s not quite enough here. Wilson went to work as a security guard after the post office, until open heart surgery forced him to give up the beat. Rayford’s granddaughter Ashley Graham wrote to me for this salute because she says her grandfather is the toughest man she knows and he’s her hero every day. Ashley also mentioned that after leaving the security job and the open heart surgery, Rayford still remodeled his entire house alongside his bride of 50 years. And during all of this, Rayford found time to go back to school to earn a degree. For all of this, today we salute Rayford T Wilson of the United States Army.