Troy Nelson of the U.S. Army

Today’s salute comes from Sharron Taylor, written to us in honor of her father. “My dad, Troy E. Nelson, served in the U.S. Army during WW II. He was a medic with the 12th Armored Division, 43rd Tank Battalion, known as The Mystery Division. While he was in Frankfort Germany he got to meet his brother-in-law for the first time. Dad always wanted to go back and see what the country looked like, because he only remembered it as war torn and destroyed. I so wanted to do this for him but never was able.  Sadly, he is gone now and I miss hearing his “war stories”. He and my mom celebrated 66 years of marriage; I miss them both so much, so thank you for this opportunity to honor them.” Her dad had said he wanted to go back and see the country and meet the people because he was never at war with the citizens or the landscape, but he was there to defend freedom. Nelson never made it back to Europe, but Europe enjoys freedoms today because they were defended by Nelson and the other men from our American military that traveled there to fight for it. And that is why today, we salute Troy E. Nelson of the United States Army.