Amy’s 4 Things

Veronica Garza {Founder of Siete Foods}: From Autoimmune to Starting a Business. Working with Family. Social Media. Gratitude.

FIRST THING: The Co-Founder and President of Siete Chips{@sietefoods}, Veronica Garza, is here to talk with Amy about how she created an amazing brand of delicious grain-free Mexican food from a health based dietary need that she had. 
SECOND THING: People say not to mix business and family, but for the Garza family their business is their family and we absolutely love that! They live by their core value of “Family first, family second and business third,” and everyone from their customers to their business partners are included in their family. Amy & Veronica talk about all their amazing products and why celebrities are so obsessed with Siete. 
THIRD THING: In this thing, we dip into how a brand that started with just chips has created such a powerful social media presence and how you feel nothing but love and passion from the company. 
FOURTH THING: Gratitude time! We know Amy is always thankful for Siete Chips, but what is Veronica grateful for? 

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