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Waking Up Your Brain: Neurofeedback, Water, Positive Thinking, Omega-3s & More

Do you feel like your brain is half asleep at times? Well, it might be!! Amy’s neurofeedback therapist, Sheri Rowney, is on to talk about our brains!! Sheri is the owner of Harmonized Brain Center and is one of the most experienced & knowledgeable LENS therapists in the country. Sheri talks about: what LENS is (low energy neurofeedback), why water is so important for our brains, how “covid brain” is putting our brains to sleep, ADHD, the impact of positive thinking when it comes to rewriting the brain, foods that are good for your brain and more! Sheri also does ‘4 Things Gratitude’ with Amy!

Link to Sheri’s website HERE!

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