We Have Some Complications

Nicole from Marysville has written in about her boyfriend Jason. They’ve been together 3 years and he has never changed his Facebook status from “it’s complicated” to “in a relationship”. She says he says he doesn’t care about that stuff but he is on Facebook so she knows it matters to him somehow. When Fitz asks if she thinks he is using “it’s complicated” as sympathy bait, she says she’s hopes not and she doesn’t have any particular suspicions that he’s cheating but she just finds it all really weird and her friends are always asking her if things are OK. She says it’s causing her anxiety and that alone should be enough for him to change it. She hopes WE will get to him to give up some kind of answer. When Jason comes on he says he doesn’t care about social media and is only on it because he “has” to be in today’s society. When we suggest that he just change his status to no status at all, he says that would lead to a flurry of reactions and unwanted attention. But when Fitz pushes him on whether he is keeping it a “lifeline” to other girls, Jason is a little….dodgy.