Bobby Bones Show On Demand

(Weds Full) 6th Grader Reese Stops by the Studio After We Helped Her Get In Touch with Jason Aldean + Calling Interventions For Ourselves + Lunchbox and Eddie Compete for Money

Earlier this year, Reese called into the show because she wanted Jason Aldean to perform with her at the talent show, but he wasn’t available to be there. We helped out by getting Jason Aldean to shoot a video introducing Reese before her performance of his song “1994.”  She was in town and stopped by the show today to give us an update on her life going into 7th grade! We each share the reasons we would call interventions on ourselves. And Lunchbox and Eddie compete for money trying to identify the first 13 colonies. This was inspired by a trivia game played on a flight Amy was on.

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