Welcome to the Jungle

Robert from Maple Valley has called for help with his girlfriend Gina who is says has not been keeping up with her hygiene during the pandemic. When we press him further it turns out he’s not talking about cleanliness, he’s complaining specifically that she’s not waxing her bikini area and he is totally turned off by it. He says he understands that no one else is seeing it at the beach or anything, but he is seeing it and Gina should consider him important enough to keep up her appearance for him. When Gina comes on, she is surprisingly calm but clearly pissed off that Robert is making such a big deal about this. She says she keeps clean and shaves pretty often but she’s not gonna do it every single day. And she reminds us – and Robert – that waxing is not allowed everywhere in salons right now and she’s not qualified to do it to herself. But when Robert asks why his friend Josh’s wife has been able to get waxed, things get really hairy.