Well This is Awfully Revealing

Tim from Lake Forest Park has asked for help with his girlfriend Anna who is pregnant with their first child together. He says Anna has always been really into putting their lives on social media and wants everything they do together documented online. He even thinks Anna might’ve gotten pregnant just to have something to post about. Now he’s upset she wants to join the trend of a having a Gender Reveal stunt. Tim says that’s a moment he really wants to be private and not just done for “hits and clicks.” And he points to the brush fire started in California over an irresponsible Gender Reveal stunt and he doesn’t think they should do anything dangerous just for attention. When Anna comes on she agrees she is using Facebook as on online journal and scrapbook. Plus she says with the pandemic making it impossible to see her family, doing it online is a way to have everyone enjoy it together. Anna is really upset at Tim’s claim that she only got pregnant for the Facebook attention. But wait until you hear what he does for attention on our show…!