What Are You Kidding Me!? Wed 08-26-2020

The Bro-kini is on the way! A company is trying to push as male one piece with a tiny bathing bottom that has a strap going over one shoulder. Fitz says he’s going to buy Drew one for Xmas. A restaurant in Chicago has made the world’s most expensive PB&J sandwich. It’s $350 and has gold foil baked into the bread, Honey from New Zealand, and Jam from France. A woman in Pennsylvania stabbed her husband in the back when he refused to fight about something. Her name is Deborah Cancelled. People who refuse to wear mask for coronavirus are also likely to have anti-social behavior traits, like lying. A man wanted to get out of his shift at a pizza place by lying about a positive Coronavirus diagnosis and licking all the peperoni in the kitchen….. The restaurant had to close for a while. A drunk driver in Louisiana crashed into a business. It was a psychic office and she was not there because she was out back cooking chili. She said she felt like “something bad was going to happen”… Drew doesn’t believe it. A large man at a backyard pool party jumped on the diving board, but it broke and down he went.