What Part Of Social Distancing Don’t You Understand?

Adam from Arlington is upset that his girlfriend Liz is being pretty cavalier about Coronavirus. He says while he admits he may be an overly cautious person, she is carrying on as if life were normal, going out and seeing friends and sometimes in rather crowded places. He says they both have big families in town they could pass it to, and he is concerned that she seems to be treating this pandemic like it’s no big deal. When Liz joins us she says Adam is a hypochondriac and is buying too much into the negative hype and refuses to let Coronavirus defeat her. She says she knows it is a global problem and is absolutely taking it seriously and being very careful wherever she goes but she is not going to stop living her life. She says if they can do everything in the world to protect themselves and still get it, then why just hide at home and sulk? As things start to get heated she says she also thinks Adam is just using all of this as an excuse to just stay home and play video games. Will these two need their own “Social Distancing”?