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What To Do If You Think Your Child Has An Eating Disorder with Ashley Vicari (Outweigh)

We’re excited to have licensed therapist Ashley Vicari back as the expert with Amy! In this episode (ep. 2 of 3) they navigate what to do if you think your child has an eating disorder. There’s a blog that Ashley wrote called: ‘Teens & Eating Disorders: 5 Helpful Tips for Better Understanding Your Teen’ and Amy has Ashley break it down for us. 

As a parent or caregiver, your support is imperative. Below are a few tips you can use to assist your teen as they move through their journey of adolescence and aid in preventing symptoms of disordered eating. 

1. Repeat After Me: It’s Not Just A Phase
2. Acknowledge the Pressures of Social Media
3. Notice Their Emotions and Behaviors; They Want You To
4. Get Involved – You Are Their Parent, Not Their Friend
5. Honor Their Bravery and Honesty

Eating disorders are unfortunately all-too common among teenagers. This is partly because the pathways which lead to disordered eating are often far too easy for teens to fall into. As parents and guardians, we must have the tools to recognize these paths so we can offer guidance when it’s needed most.


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