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What Works Better Than Dieting + Embracing Your Natural Body Size (Outweigh)

OUTWEIGH: Last week Amy shared that the average adult will try 126 diets in their lifetime. That’s crazy!! This week, Amy focuses on how the diet industry is targeting us (especially women!) and we must be aware of their messaging so we don’t fall for it. So what works better than dieting?? Developing a healthy relationship with food, appreciating what we GET to eat, and not being afraid to eat our favorite dessert or the french fries we love! Focus on adding to our lives instead of taking away from our lives! Easier said than done, but hopefully this episode will be an encouragement to you and will get you one step closer to ditching the diets. A big fear that comes along with that, though, is gaining weight. Amy shares an email from an Outweigh listener that is concerned about just that. Amy plans to have an expert on to dive into this more…but in the meantime you’ll hear Amy’s personal thoughts and this reminder: your natural body size is the weight you are without crazy diet rules & restriction. If you gain weight by enjoying food and eating adequately for your body…then that is the body you were meant to have. We have a choice to embrace that concept or spend our lives fighting it…it’s up to us!


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