Where Can I Find Glow-In-The-Dark Chili Pepper Boxers?

Allison from Everett has asked Fitz for help with her boyfriend Brent who she calls a “grown-ass kid”. Allison says Brent does not understand that “working from home” is actually working, and he doesn’t just interrupt her with goofy questions while she is working, but he wanders into her work Zoom meetings, sometimes in his underwear, and whenever she is not on the computer, he uses it to play video games and sometimes closes out all her windows. To make matters worse, Allison is the only bread winner right now, and she is legit afraid his behavior will affect her job. When Brent comes on he admits he is kind of acting like a slacker because he is enjoying being off work for the first time in ages and sometimes he just loses track of time and totally forgets she is actually working. He also wishes she would get her work done faster so she can spend more time slacking around with him. When the P1’s weigh in, we learn a lot about…well, how to play “Doom.”