Which End Gets the Stuffing?

Erin from Kent has asked us for help with her boyfriend Keith who she says wants her to cook a massive Thanksgiving Dinner for about 20 of their friends when she would rather go see her family. She says she hasn’t seen her family in Portland since Covid started and it’s important to her to spend time with them. Plus, she says his friends have not been particularly responsible; in fact she calls them “a bunch of Covid-infested monsters” who have been out partying a lot and she doesn’t want them crammed into their home. When Keith comes on he says he says his friends are not unsafe – only two of them got Covid and that was a long time ago – and he thinks it’s important to be there for people who can’t go see their families. He admits she’s the cook and yes maybe he “volunteered” her without telling her, but he’d just assumed she wouldn’t go to her parents because that would be too dangerous for them. The P1’s are pretty divided over whether they should Make Up or Break Up but everyone agrees Keith could benefit from better communication skills and a little Door Dash.