Amy’s 4 Things

White Privilege. Friends of Color. Be the Change. Making Space for Yourself.

FIRST THING: Amy’s pastor, Matt Smallbone{@mattsmallbone} is on to talk about white privilege & what communities can do to love better. SECOND THING: Brittney Spencer {@brittneyspencer}, Amy’s friend, is on to talk about what she wants from her “white friends” during this time what her life has been like growing up as a person of color. They also discuss the difference of Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter. THIRD THING: Dr. Beverly Tatum, psychologist and author of “Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria” is on to continue the conversation about race. She is here to help us learn how to break the silence and how we can bring about change. FOURTH THING: “We cannot be both our best selves and emotionally frazzled at the same time!” Amy shares self-care tips from Lisa {@thewellnecessities} about how we can help take care of ourselves during these highly emotional times.

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Church of the City CLICK HERE !  
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