Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Miranda from Lynnwood has called for help with her boyfriend Eddie. She says they are in a Zoom Game Group with a bunch of other friends that are in couples. Miranda is able to go out to work at her office each day but Eddie is home all day, and Miranda came home a few days ago and found Eddie Zooming with one of the women from the group and now she’s worried he’s cheating. The other woman has a boyfriend, and she knows Eddie hasn’t actually left the house much, but Miranda wonders if even just a private Zoom conversation is a sign that he wants to get with the woman in real life. When Eddie comes on he says he is just a competitive guy and there is nothing more to his meetups with the woman than practicing the games. And he says he didn’t even want to play the Zoom games in the first place, that Miranda talked him into it, but now that he’s doing it he hates to lose.