William West of the US Army Air Corps

Grandfathers love to tell stories. And when they’re good stories, kids and families look forward to each one. When Grandpa’s real-life stories and experiences read like the best action movie on the big screen, you can bet those grandkids are hanging on every word. Today we are saluting William West of the United States Army Air Corps. William’s Grandson Alan let me know that his grandfather had the most incredible war stories to tell anyone who would listen. William was a pilot during World War II. Through a complex series of events, William ended up getting shot down multiple times during the war.
Each time, West escaped death or major injury. And each time, William fought to get back into the cockpit, and back into the fight. Alan tells me that his Grandfather liked telling anyone who would listen his stories of flying, crashing, narrow escapes, and of course injuries. He would tell Alan about the fear that he faced each time he got back into a warbird after an incident. He also stressed how courage and commitment allowed him to get back into the action, when fear wanted him to stop. William could have gone home after his first downing, but he knew that pilots were in short supply, and he knew every one of them was needed to win the war. The commitment that William West showed to the cause, and to his fellow warriors is what makes him a hero to his grandson, and to all Americans. They are the Greatest Generation for a reason. Today we salute William West of the United States Army Air Corps