Wilson Fox of the United States Army

The experience of war is a life changer. Those who go into hell and come out to tell their tale are changed forever.  Those people have valuable lessons to share for those who listen. Today we salute Wilson Fox of the United States Army. Wilson proudly served this nation during the Korean War.  Although this war is not spoken about as much as other 20th century wars that America fought in, The Korean War was a devastating affair. The conditions in Korea were very tough, and the fighting was brutal. Wilson Fox survived his time in Korea and returned to the States to raise a family and live the American dream. Fox’s grandson Nick Carey wrote in for this salute. He is so very proud of his grandfather and he learned so much from him and his shared experience. Nick says “February 18th is the anniversary of his passing.  He died with all of his family around him.” The family continues to honor Wilson Fox by visiting his gravestone on the anniversary. Nick says “I still tear up every time.” If you have a veteran in your family, sit down with them. Learn about their experiences and benefit from the knowledge and life that they risked so much to gain. Today we Salute Wilson Fox of the United States Army.