Won’t You Not Be My Neighbor

Janine from Puyallup has called in for help with her fiancée Eddie. She says he is letting his beef with another neighborhood dad stand between her son and that dad’s son, who is his little best friend. She says Eddie doesn’t want the kid exposed to this jerk because he has said stuff about Janine and refuses to apologize. When Eddie comes on, he says Janine doesn’t understand how bad this other guy is, and the things he says about her body, especially her butt, and it’s all inappropriate language for a man to be using in front of kids so he doesn’t want his son over there hearing that. Janine says Eddie is too jealous and sensitive about what men think about her bootie, and he needs to rise above his insecurities to meet the needs of his son who needs his best friend. This one gets us – and the P1’s – ALL riled up over a myriad of issues, but in the end, is it a Make Up or Break Up?!