Amy’s 4 Things

Word of the Year. Hope & Gratitude. Puzzles & Birds. Depression Doesn’t Define You.

FIRST THING: Do you have a focus word of the year for yourself? Having one may help you keep motivated or stay on this year’s goals. Amy talks about her word last year, and what her word might be this year. She also talks about the fun word puzzle that helps you find your word on the @shopespwa Instagram page.
SECOND THING: 2020 may have been hard, but there are a lot of things to look forward to this year! One way is to practice gratitude. Amy plays a clip from the documentary: Beyond The Secret – The Awakening, that talks about gratitude in a unique way!
THIRD THING: Puzzles, birds, and cats?! Amy shares ways she’s branching out and trying new things this year, and how they might help you too, or spark new ideas. Don’t get stuck in a rut, try something new and it may just help you find a new passion or activity!
FOURTH THING: Depression isn’t normally a talked about topic. Amy shares a clip from her friend & licensed therapist Katherine Defatta, talking with author & speaker Hannah Brencher on the You Need Therapy podcast, about how depression doesn’t define you!
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