Wyatt Bond USMC

So much has changed in the world in a matter of months, but something that does not stop is our military. From the highest operations, right down to recruits working their way through boot camp, the military keeps on working. I received a troop salute from David Bond, of Buckley, Washington. His son Wyatt graduated from Marine Corps Boot Camp just last week. 12 weeks ago, this class of young recruits was stepping off the bus in a world that was only just learning about the existence of Coronavirus. And while so much changed for us on the outside, those recruits fought through the same grueling 12 weeks of training that have been building Marines since the beginning. David says, “Our son Wyatt (22) is in the final stages of becoming a US Marine. He follows in his grandpas footsteps of becoming a Marine. He is an Eagle Scout and graduated high school with his AA degree. He was a Police Explorer while in high school, we thought he would follow and join law enforcement like his dad and two brothers. He has dreamed of being a Marine his entire life and was born on the Marine Corp birthday. He has dedicated his life to serving others and recently finished a 2-year religious mission just prior to signing up for this latest adventure. Wyatt is the latest family member who will be serving in our military. We are all so grateful for his decision to make life a better place, and grateful for all those that serve! Last week Wyatt and his 1st Recruit Battalion, Alpha Company, Platoon 1006 conquered “the reaper” and had the ceremony that officially makes them Marines. Today we salute you, Wyatt Bond, for earning the title of United States Marine.