You Could Use Some Work on Your Moobs

Dave from Federal Way is asking us for help with his relationship with his girlfriend Olivia. He says she has become obsessed with weight loss and its affecting their relationship. He says he loves her and has always loved their lifestyle, but it’s all changing now. He says he fell in love with her the way she looked before, kinda curvy, and he loved their routines like going to Olde Country Buffet or going to the movies. Now he feels like he’s dating a “gym rat health nut”. When Olivia comes on she says he left out a major detail: her doctor told her she is at an unhealthy weight and at risk for diabetes and heart disease, and has to make some major changes. Dave says he gets that, but thinks Olivia is overreacting. He also doesn’t think she really needs to dress so provocatively to go to the gym, although he is describing basic workout clothes. And then…it becomes clear they’ve both been holding on to these issues for a while because the gloves come off!