You Got No Business on TikTok

We’ve been getting a lot of couples with this exact problem: Jenn from Olympia is fed up with her husband Brandon’s obsession with TikTok. She says TikTok is for kids and he should not be on it nearly as much as he is, and while she says some of the things he does are funny, she thinks he is totally embarrassing himself, like dancing shirtless with his Dad Bod. And Jenn says Brandon has their daughter doing inappropriate thing like Twerking. But when Brandon comes on he says TikTok fulfills two really important functions: he is actually spending quality fun time with their 13-year-old doing something they both enjoy – which is hard to find with preteens – and he says TikTok is helping to keep him relevant on Social Media for his business. The P1’s are pretty divided along pro-TikTok-anti-TikTok lines, but we all seem to agree that Brandon may want to rethink the way he his promoting his business.