You Gotta Fight For Your Right to Fight

Sarah from Olympia has written to Fitz for help with her boyfriend Jeff who she says absolutely will not argue. While it sounds like the kind of problem most people would like to have, she says she can tell when he is unhappy about a decision or situation but rather than discussing it she says he just says “whatever” and stews for a while. She knows that’s not healthy for either of them. She says – and we agree – that the occasional argument is good for a relationship so Fitz thinks it could be a sign that Jeff has lost interest in the relationship, maybe even to the point of looking at other women. Fitz always says that, right? But when Claire agrees, Sarah starts to panic. When Jeff comes on, he says we all need to calm down, especially Sarah. He says the problem is she wants to argue about every little thing, and enjoys getting into major blow-ups over nothing and he’s just not into fighting for the sake of fighting. This one really lights up the P1’s who agree if they don’t fix this now it could escalate into a major problem.