You Just Can’t Cry Pretty

Brittney from Bonney Lake has asked for help with her boyfriend Wes. She says he’s a crier. Like, a lot. She says at first she found it kind of sweet that he was able to enjoy sad movies and stuff along with her. But then she realized he was crying at happy things. And sports, win or lose. And not just in private but in public too. And it’s not just tears dripping down, but sobbing and wailing. Her breaking point through recently came when Harry and Meghan left the Royal Family. Brittney says Wes has been inexplicably upset by that and thinks he needs to man up a little. When Wes comes on, he says he was raised in a commune in which everyone – girls and boys – was encouraged to express their feelings. Wes says he doesn’t understand why it bothers Brittney so much because it is just a natural reaction to being in touch with your true self. And we get that. But when he starts to explain his take on Harry and Meghan, things get…awkward.