Amy’s 4 Things

Your Weight is Not Your Worth. Letting Go of Your Dream Job. Failing is a Good Thing. Healthcare Hero Shout Out.

FIRST THING: Amy talks with Nicole Modic {@KaleJunkie} about food, our bodies and COVID. She discusses that how we look when we emerge from this pandemic is not indicative to how you handled these challenges. Your weight is not tied to your worth!! SECOND THING: Paula Faris {@paulafaris}, former co-host on Good Morning America and The View, is on to share about her book, “Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling”. Paula tells her story of what led her to leave her ‘perfect’ career and find worth in who she is. THIRD THING: Encouragement from a Theodore Roosevelt quote!! FOURTH THING: Health Care Hero Shoutout time! We are still shouting out all our heroes who are tirelessly working on the frontline of this pandemic. Today we recognize an amazing nurse, Britton, who is definitely spreading the love! 

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