You’re Cheatin’ at Hearts

Adam from Sumner has called in to talk to Fitz about a problem with his girlfriend Wendy. He says quarantine has made him realize that Wendy cheats at absolutely everything. He says she is not only super aggressive, but she actually cheats at cards, board, games and video games. And he says Wendy is even cheating at Netflix, getting ahead of him on shows they are supposed to be watching together while he is asleep. When Wendy comes on, she says he is being way too sensitive – she grew up with older brothers and learned early that if you aren’t aggressive and don’t find ways “around the rules” you are never gonna win. Plus, she says, Adam just isn’t very good at games, and it’s actually not even fun to play video games because he doesn’t even try. While the P1’s mostly think this is just a big case of “cabin fever” and they probably shouldn’t break up, we do hear creative ways of saying Adam should “grow a set”.