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Fans of the unapologetically rowdy Eric Church have come to be very familiar with his antics as well as his style.  He’s written songs for Keith Urban and the Zac Brown Band, known for hosting wild concerts, and even been praised by Taylor Swift (his departure from opening for Rascal Flatts in 2006 led to the then-16-year-old finishing the tour as the opening act, she would send him her friggin’ gold albumTaylor Swift” as a thank you!) Eric Church has had a wild ride of a career so far, and his latest video for his latest hit “Some Of It” depicts Church reaping what he’s sowed.

Let’s build a little bit before showing you the brand new music video.  It’s a follow-up to the video Eric shot for his single “Desperate Man”. In it, Eric Church and his band steal the master tapes for his song from his own record label (FUN FACT: “agents” attempting to arrest him have “EMI” on the backs of their uniforms, a reference to Church’s record label EMI Nashville!)

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A middle finger would have been more subtle.

Fast forward to 2019, and “Some Of It” has Eric in prison for the crime of stealing the master tapes from his record label.

The video was directed by his friend Reid Long, who also directed the “Desperate Man” video.

FUN FACT ROUND TWO: You’ve seen “The Shawshank Redemption”, right? If you haven’t…well…I can’t help you. There’s a strong resemblance to what is known as the Ohio State Reformatory a.k.a Shawshank State Prison! The video was shot there and even pays homage to the film; Eric’s on-screen daughter disassembles his guitar and, with the help of inmates, smuggles it into the prison for her dad!

Morgan Freeman’s so cool he probably approves of the homage, anyway.

Well, you’re probably bored of written words by now. Here’s the video:

Eric Church will take over The Gorge for a two shows June 28th and 29th! Tickets (if there are any left!) can be scored HERE.

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