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Ex-NFL Patriots star is signing with the WWE!!


The News came out yesterday (March 10th) That the former New England Patriots Tight end Rob Gronkowski is in deep talks with WWE about signing a deal. The news came from Fox Sports 1’s WWE’s backstage program.


This means Gronkowski  could debut out into the professional wrestling world as early as March 20th. Whether he works behind the scenes or becomes a new front runner for the WWE championship your best chance to see him would most likely be Friday Night Smackdown. If you wonder what Gronk would look like in the ring you can watch this clip below!



That clip was back from WrestleMania 33 in 2017 when Gronk helped MOJO Rawley win the Andre Battle Royal after jumping the barricade and opening a can of you know what on Mojo’s opponents!


Believe it or Gronk isn’t the first pro football player to enter the WWE there’s actually been a good amount of former football stars joining the ranks like Goldberg who played for the Rams, Panthers and Falcons. it doesn’t stop there the most electrifying man in sports entertainment Dwayne The Rock Johnson played for Miami Hurricanes in college and went onto Canada to play for the Calgary Stampeders before his debut into WWE. The most recent probably being WWE Superstar and UFC champ Brock Lesnar who played for the Minesota Vikings.


Yes Gronk we’ll be welcomed to the WWE with open arms by fans but going down as one of the greats? That lies on his shoulders. Are you excited to see the former Patriot join the ranks of the WWE Superstars?