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FILM TRAILER – FROZEN 2: Is This Still Going to Be a Musical or…

We all remember where we were when Frozen Fever hit the world in late 2013. It started out with a mammoth opening weekend, but only grew bigger through insane word of mouth and merchandise sales through 2014. Fast forward five years, and Disney’s Arrendellan invasion has not ceased one iota, between a pair of theatrical shorts, regular theme park presence, and a Tony-nominated stage production soon to launch a national tour this fall (it will reach Seattle next February, and heck yeah I’ll be going). Only possible icing on the cake to keep fans and profit pleased, that would be a sequel that everyone’s clamoring for.

I’ve been a longtime Disney obsessive since my earliest years, but the more I age, the more hesitant I feel about the necessity toward most of the sequels we’re lucky to receive. Regardless, with the same feelings I hold toward for Toy Story 4, I am all the way in for Frozen 2 (or II?), rigged to place the box office on ice for its competitors during its pre-Thanksgiving opening on November 22.

However, much like the previous teaser which debuted theatrically with Captain Marvel, this follow-up timed to follow the release of TS4 next week, only gives so little away, leaving much to be interpreted on our end. The only assurance that returning co-directors Jennifer Lee and Chris Buck appear to give us: it will be far darker, and more tied to particular mythology underlying itself in all four seasons, not just summer or winter. Autumn and spring are well acknowledged, to the joy of all those leaf-on-tree appreciators. And of course, the sisters are back, as are those adorable trolls who had the most underrated song in the original film.

There’s no doubt, the next trailer, a full 2.5-minute sales pitch, that should be the only other piece in the puzzle most of us will need to whet our appetites, will reveal more, hopefully, one reason why this would still technically be a musical. You’d think our first footage shown would tie into the possible soundtrack. And yet, we’re not quite there. Almost. Bottom line, this is still Day 1 experience, whether or not I’m lucky enough to experience it early. Watch the trailer below and good luck with securing tickets whenever they drop on sale…

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