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Ed Linge of the United States Marine Corps

Everyone here appreciates our troops.  That’s why we do the troop salute. It’s a safe bet that just about everyone in Country music appreciates our troops as well. Today’s salute is from a very proud mother, she wants us to honor her son for all he did in the service, and all that he does now that he’s out of the service.  She also slipped in a fun story that shows just how close Country Music is to our military. Today we salute Ed Linge of the United States Marine Corps. Ed’s mother Janet is so proud of her son and his 10 years of service to the nation. Linge was a mechanic on the F-18A and spent much of his service stationed at Miramar Air Station in Southern California. Ed served one tour in Afghanistan that caused him to miss the birth of his first child. He received several medals and commendations while he was in. Janet says that Ed has become a leader in his community of Maple Valley now that he’s out.  He’s on the board of directors for the junior football league, and he coaches his daughters in softball. Janet had to share a great story from her son’s time in the Marines. One night in 1999 he and his buddies went to a casino in Southern California to see a brand new country artist. After the show the artist came over to their table and bought them all a beer. He sat and visited for a while and talked with them about their service. That artist was Brad Paisley. For his service to that nation in the Marine Corps, and for his service to his community now, and for making his momma proud, today we salute Ed Linge of the United States Marine Corps.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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