Fitz in the Morning Episode #148 Wednesday 11/13/19

Ryder loves the “Mandalorian” but Fitz thinks it’s “Manda-Borian”; does Drew love working in his shop more than he loves being here with us? What Are You Kidding Me?!: golf pro disqualified from tournament for running out of balls; Miami man arrested for trading in endangered Galapagos Tortoises after having one mailed to his house. Is it Legal for Ryder to Log Into His Old Girlfriend’s Social Media?: He says he’s just curious, we think he’s a felon. Hourly Bulletin: Tacoma City Council passes the Gun and Ammo Tax; WSU student found dead with alcohol possible cause; Seattle’s Children’s Hospital closes all main operating rooms for mold infection; Returns from the first day of Tunnel Tolling on I 99 Tunnel show a 20% avoidance by commuters.  The Fitz Files: We preview the CMA Performances, John Legend is People’s Sexiest Man Alive, has the sand run out the “Days of Our Lives”? The Good Stuff: A college football player put his football career on hold to donate bone marrow for an 18-year-old kid in another state. All Jacked Up: We All have those things that we do that we think might make us All Jacked Up. Gaard Swanson from KOMO is in Studio to talk CMA’s! Troop Salute: Edward Reiner of the US Navy. Things You Should Never Say to a Woman. Ryder’s Last Day on Earth: During What Have We Learned Today, we recap How Not to Talk to a Woman and Ryder accidentally, but totally, insults Fitz’s wife The Mouth From the South. Nice knowing you, Young’n!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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