Fitz in the Morning Episode #83 Weds 08/14/2019

The moon is so beautiful, we must break into song! First Caller of the Day: Bobby from Darrington has a great positive outlook! What Are You Kidding Me?!: A guy gets in a high speed chase with cops on a first date; Pumpkin Spice Spam; a Guinness World Record broken for loudest soprano note so Fitz makes Drew try to break the record, we are sorry. The Tinder Avenger: a woman is on a mission to expose married Tinder cheaters by tracking down their wives. Hourly Bulletin: two dead in Tacoma shooting; castle is for sale in Idaho; Olympia woman admits to killing her mother; full scale clinic for homeless vets coming to Rainier Valley; two girls arrested for $250k vandalism at Bellingham school; attorneys say Lime Pods are a public safety problem. Sports: Russell, Ciara and Macklemore join the Sounders ownership; The Fitz Files: Mike Tyson smoking the weed from his business; Chrissleys indicted for tax evasion; country female supergroup The Highwomen have a single; we are excited about a Christmas movie starring the Mother of Dragons. The Good Stuff: young man in England hits the lottery, and he’s going to use it to support his brother with severe autism. All Jacked Up: Fitz has a “death file”, Ryder doesn’t trust his cat with secrets but you P1’s are the most jacked up. Hot Food Talk!: Olive Garden Lifetime Pasta, Chick-fil-A mac n’ cheese; Troop Salute: Navy Mom Ashley. Insta Therapy: A P1 has written in for your help – his daughter’s 18- year-old friend was offered money to do a nude sushi table service and wants to know how to get her to not. Binge Brag – we tell you what we’re watching and think you would like as well: “Yellowstone” “GLOW”, “I Love You, Now Die!”, “The Family.”

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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