Fitz in the Morning Episode #85 Fri 08/16/2019

Bull-Yah!!!! Let’s Give ‘Em Something to Talk About! What Are You Kidding Me?!: Frontier communications is looking for someone to watch 25 hours of Friends while live tweeting it for a $1000; a taco-eating competition goes horrible awry; Ticket or Skip It: Drew Reviews “Angry Birds 2”, “Good Boys”, “Blinded By the Light” and “Where’d You Go Bernadette?” Hourly Bulletin: a man pulled from Lake Washington; local lawmakers looking to expand affordable housing; a 103-year old local woman sets skydiving record; an infant survives a head-on collision that killed his mom in Tukwila; WSP busts a guy playing Pokemon Go on 8(!) phones while driving; Dale Jr and family survive plane accident; The Fitz Files: Todd Chrissly accused of creepily extorting his daughter to keep her from talking to feds; Ewan McGregor may be Obi Wan in a new Disney+ show; Miranda’s new album and song; a salute to Elvis who died this day in 1977. The Good Stuff: a guy ended up the only passenger on a Delta flight.  City vs. Country: Robert from Sumner chooses between Country Girl Lisa from Maple Valley and City Girl Trish from Tacoma. Troop Salute: Lance Corporal Dade Newell Jr. of the USMC. Believe It Or Not may make you think twice about doing a DNA test; and you may think you love your dog, but do you private-plane-love your dog?! Weekend Party Preview has lots of cool ideas for the family but Shade’s On The Spot Spot for Ryder’s Meat Sale Event this Sunday in Tacoma is a classic for the ages! Hint? Nananananananana…!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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