Fitz in the Morning Episode #92 Tue 08/27/2019

Happy Tuesday! (Fitz likes to tell you what day it is because it helps him remember what day it is!) First Caller of the Day: Derek from Granite Falls has two different colored eyes. What Are You Kidding Me!?: the average runner spends 1/3 of their run thinking about how much running sucks; a man busted stealing from an adult shop blames Obama; Florida woman chugs two beers and then goes Stone Cold Steve Austin on a guy. Text the Truth: we read texts from listeners who want to unburden themselves. Hourly Bulletin; WSP reminds you the importance of securing loads; Hero pilot Al Haines passes away; Seattle Teachers Union to vote on new contract tonight, the US 99 Tunnel will start tolling in November; Bellevue Police investigating shots fired into downtown buildings; Boeing 747 chipping in with efforts to fight the Amazon Rainforest Wildfires; WSU names Anthony Gordon starting QB; Doug Baldwin throws in $1 million of his own money toward building Renton Family Center. The Fitz Files: Alex Rodriguez has a “burner” IG account to look at his daughters’ IG; Ryder can buy Michael Keaton’s Batman suit at an auction along with other awesome props; details on the breakup of Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. The Good Stuff: a woman hires a personal trainer to get in good enough shape to donate a kidney to her dad. Make Up or Break Up: Tara from Olympia doesn’t like that her boyfriend Zack is mean to his mom. Playlist Profiling: Keisha from Renton. Listen all week to get in to win Old Dominion Tickets at the Washington State Fair with a Grand Prize trip to Vegas!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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