Fitz in the Morning Episode #94 Thursday 08/29/19

After yesterday’s show, Fitz may never shop publicly shop for toilet paper again. First Caller of the Day: Ronald from Bonney Lake says he’s ambidextrous. What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman takes 5 pairs of underwear into a fitting room, but only comes out with 4; pastor arrested for stealing an SUV from dealership says the Devil made him do it; study shows more men work out more often when the economy is bad. The Ellensburg Rodeo Court Visits the Studio! Hourly Bulletin: missing Snohomish hikers found safe; human bones found at residential construction site at Lake Tapps; boy scouts douse runaway camp fire; Tacoma woman tracks down stolen garden tool on For Sale site; Seahawks final preseason game is make-or-break for some receivers; speed racer Jesse Combs dies trying to break speed record. The Fitz Files: Netflix has a new documentary on Bill Gates; battle over Aretha Franklin’s estate turns up $1 million in uncashed checks; how much do “Dancing with the Stars contestants really make; The Good Stuff: officers who find homeless man sleeping in a train station help reunite him with his daughters. Make Up or Break Up: Sarah from Federal Way is upset because her boyfriend Dave goes to Canada with his buddies but without her. Playlist Profiling – it’s harder than it seems! The Fault in Drew’s Stars: Fitz lays out our horoscopes, but Drew doesn’t believe in any of it. Keep listening to win tickets to Old Dominion at the WA State Fair AND in Vegas!

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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