Fitz in the Morning – Tues 07/22/2019

Sometimes a beautiful sunrise feels like your reward for being up so early! Happy Birthday to First Caller of the Day P1 Marguerite the Mover. “What Are You Kidding Me”: the “Storm Area 51” guy stole Fitz’s idea and wants to turn the event into a music festival now. Wait until you hear Ryder the Youngin’s “Space Jaym”! It’s “Text the Truth” Tuesday: you tell us your truth and we tell everyone else, anonymously of course. Fitz tells a Dad Joke that is actually. The “Fitz Files” has a “Bachelorette” recap in which Luke P crashes the Rose Ceremony he was cut from. “The Good Stuff” is an animal shelter in Oklahoma capitalizing on the “Storm Area 51” hype by holding a “Storm the Shelter” event: they took pictures of dogs and cats wearing tinfoil hats and antennae and doubled their adoptions. We want to do that too, so what are your favorite local shelters? “Make Up or Break Up” finds Danielle from Lake Stevens upset that her boyfriend Mike seems to be crazily trying to turn her into his ex, but the P1’s think she’s the one who is cray. It’s “Tell a Friend” Tuesday and Fitz wants you to remind your friends about getting important health checks; it’s on his mind because both Claire and Drew have skin “things” that they are avoiding. How are you at “Playlist Profiling”? Try it out now. And…what are some “#OddThingsToAskYourCoworkers”? Turns out it’s considered odd to ask people for a spare pair of underpants. Who knew?

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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