Fitz in the Morning – Tues 08/06/2019

Fitz not only hung out with Toby Keith on his tour bus last night, but he drank the last beer that Clint Eastwood had left there! First Call of the Day is from Jim the Navy Guy who really enjoyed the Toby show last night. What Are You Kidding Me?!: A woman got locked in the luggage compartment of a bus and had to call the police to pull over the bus and release her; something has been spotted in the skies over Cincinnati. Hourly Bulletin: election ballots are due tonight, five motorcyclists have died on Washington roads recently, fires in Siberia are adding to our smoky air, a young octopus bit a woman on the face near Fox Island, and the Seahawks donated their old weightlifting equipment to local high schools. The Fitz Files: Bachelor host Chris Harrison says Tyler can’t be the next Bachelor because he’s dating Gigi Hadid, Lindsey Lohan is a big hit with Middle East dignitaries, and Luke Combs has a new song for the “Angry Birds 2” movie. We discuss the video for Dan and Shay’s “Tequila”. (What does it have to do with Tequila? And how did they get that piano there!?) The Good Stuff: a 6-year old boy started a lemonade stand to fund his dad’s dying wish to take his mom out on a date. Make Up or Break Up: Lauren from Lynwood thinks her boyfriend Mike is spending too much time driving for Uber and not enough time with her. He says he’s saving for something important. The P1’s weigh in. Playlist Profiling is getting harder! And Fitz is a bit nervous about singing the National Anthem at the Mariner’s Game tonight so he calls his Momma for some Vocal Coaching.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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