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I Can Buy My Own Drinks, But I Still Want You To

Well this is interesting. Single Guy Adam from Renton is looking to meet someone new. We introduce him to Country Girl Caroline from Orting and City Girl Lydia from Tacoma. Now, usually on the show, the two that are Country and City offer their ideas for a date. But Country Girl Caroline came out with guns blazing, saying she’s a traditional girl who thinks the man should plan the date. She promises Adam she is absolutely worth the work but that, as the man, she wants him to do the planning, the driving, and even the ordering at the restaurant. City Girl Lydia is pretty stunned, but then laughs and says it’s 2019 and time for the woman to be taking charge. She proposes a full date of dinner and bar-hopping, and says she will even pay for it all. A bit of a cat fight ensues and Adam asks if he can have both girls, (which is not how we do it on CvC, LOL) but he ultimately is intrigued by Caroline’s pitch, or lack thereof, and takes her offer. So…was Caroline all she promised to be, or will Adam have some Dater’s Remorse?

Stop swiping, delete your Tinder, close your Bumble account, Fitz is your new matchmaker. Northwest singles call us to be set up. Fitz gives them the option of a City date, or a Country date. They can only pick one!

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