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Jake Ness of the US Army

Usually we put together the information from Troop Salute submissions into a kind of story.  But sometimes the salutes come to us just perfect; when a mom writes the way Stephanie DeGagne did, all I have to do is read it. Stephanie Writes: “I would like you to honor my son Sergeant Jake Ness. Jake enlisted in the Army when he was just 18 years old and spent his 19th birthday in basic training. Jake is a geospatial engineer; he had to be cleared by the FBI to get that position.  He has served in Afghanistan and is currently serving in Germany. When in Afghanistan, he was recognized by the Chief of Staff of the Army who talked about Jake in a speech, using him as an example of a soldier who was in Afghanistan leading our troops when he wasn’t even old enough to drink yet. Jake has been in the Army over 7 years now.  He has been recognized by many of his officers as one of the hardest working Sergeants they have ever seen. He’s currently doing the work of a First Sergeant, and he’s taken on many other duties as well: Jake is in charge of the barracks that he lives in and is responsible for making sure everyone there is taken care of.  Jake has only been home for Christmas once since he’s been enlisted. I am SO very proud of my son. I hear all of the wonderful stories you do about other military members and I wanted to share a little bit about my son. Thank you. Stephanie DeGagne.” Today we salute Sergeant Jake Ness of the US Army, because he has made his mother so incredibly proud.

We live in the land of the free, because of the brave!

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