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Nice Bikini, Sailor!

Dale is a writer who lives in Kent. He’s 34 and has never found the right girl. He admits he is tired of dating City girls, finding them kind of “stuck up”, and so is already leaning toward a Country girl, but has agreed to keep an open mind. Today he gets the choice between Country Girl Kate from Spanaway and City Girl Hillary from Kirkland. Kate suggests a day on her boat on American Lake and then a BBQ at her family’s house. Kate says her dad is an awesome pit master and they have a big BBQ every week with her big family and lots of friends, so Dale would be more than welcome at the family gathering. City Girl Hillary also works in writing and publishing so she thinks they would have a lot to talk about and suggests doing that over margaritas. But not to be outdone by Country Girl Kate, Hillary also has access to a boat which she says they could take out to the Sound for a night cruise….and she describes her bikini choice. So, which will Dale choose: first date with the entire family or first date with stars and a bikini?

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