One of These Guys Got Erased

Today we catch up with Jessie and Mark from Carnation who we spoke to back in November. Mark was upset that Jessie hadn’t deleted all the pictures of her ex off her phone. He said he doesn’t know if she was still into the guy or just liked the pictures but it bothered him and he thought that was enough of a reason to delete them. Jesse thought Mark was being really insecure and says everyone has a past that shouldn’t have to be erased for someone new. The P1’s thought they both needed to give a little: Mark needed to “man up” because Jesse is with him after all, and but also Jessie needed to do some think cloud “housecleaning”, and frankly they both need some therapy. Today we had Mark on the phone to update us on their relationship and he says they broke up because she was too stubborn to erase the pictures. But Jessie called in – unplanned – and says that’s not really the way it went down…

Willing Northwest couples write us for advice on their relationship issues. We put them on the air to hear them out, and you play therapist; Should they Make Up or Break Up?

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