She’s On My Fantasy Dentist Team

Steven from Bremerton has written in for help with his girlfriend Olivia who he says has impulsively quit her job to go to school to become a dental hygienist. Steven is upset and a little confused because she did it without talking to him and is unsure how they are going to be able to afford to live. He says he is proud of her and wants her to be happy but now he’s not sure how they are going to make it on just his check as a part-time waiter. When Olivia joins us, she acknowledges the actual decision was impulsive but says they had been talking about the future a lot and this was on the table, and she knew it was time to make a move to better their lives. She says she loves him and is doing it for both of them. The P1’s are pretty divided on their prospects for the future: some say she is selfish for doing it without talking to him, others say he sounds lazy and she could do way better. What do you think?

Willing Northwest couples write us for advice on their relationship issues. We put them on the air to hear them out, and you play therapist; Should they Make Up or Break Up?

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