Trash? This Collection Belongs in a Museum

Taylor from Mill Creek has called in to talk about her boyfriend Chris. They live together in an apartment in which they have to use the living room as their bedroom because his DVD collection takes up the entire bedroom. She says Chris has obsessively collected DVD’s for years and refuses to get rid of any of them. But what’s worse is that he firmly believes that quality-wise they are best the way to watch anything and so he refuses to stream any current TV shows, so she can’t keep up with her friends on the latest shows that everyone is bingeing. And she feels like something as simple as watching TV should be a common interest for a couple but since he refuses to budge on the format she is forced to choose between spending time with him and keeping up with her friends conversations. And then there’s her concern over the third person in their relationship: Harrison Ford.

Willing Northwest couples write us for advice on their relationship issues. We put them on the air to hear them out, and you play therapist; Should they Make Up or Break Up?

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