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When We Say Country Boy We Mean Country B-o-y

Samantha from Redmond is a Vet Assistant who enjoys the outdoors. We introduce her to City Boy Doug from Lynwood and Country Boy Chad from Enumclaw.  Doug is very, very city – he’s a Media Producer who likes going to the indoor Rock Climbing gym. He suggests he and Samantha go on a Margarita Crawl in Seattle. He’s done it before and says it’s a blast going to different bars and restaurants and doing some salsa dancing. Country Boy Chad is a contractor who also enjoys doing outdoorsy stuff. He has an 11-year-old son so he wants to keep their date pretty easy, and suggests she just join one of the weekly BBQ’S he and his neighbors throw every weekend around the fire pit. He says his friends are all really chill and they usually bust out some guitars with their beers. Samantha is a bit surprised Chad has a son but is still very into him. After both guys make their final pitch, Samantha chooses one. When we revisit the date Monday, it went…well, way better than last week’s City vs Country disaster!!

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