Fitz in the Morning Episode #118 Weds 10/02/19

Did you know Fitz was once a professional Jingle Singer? First Caller of the Day “OhMommy” is getting her grandbabies ready for school. What Are You Kidding Me?!: woman busted for marijuana gets off when cop baptizes her; plane passengers watch truck spin out of control on tarmac; church needing expansion buys strip club; cops charge man with murder after he shot an intruder and went back to bed. The Lil Miss Pumpkin Spice Pageant Continues. Hourly Bulletin: construction begins on missing links of 167 and 509; Feds charge Washington man with Social Security fraud. Tukwila School District hit in phishing scam; bodies of missing Lake Washington boaters recovered; Tacoma bans camping in parks; Hawks name Lakewood Coach High School Coach of Week; Houston man bets $3.5 mil on Astros to win World Series. The Fitz Files: Gene Simmons sells kidney stones; Kylie and Travis break up; Carly and Michael Ray may get married soon. The Good Stuff: homeless teen is an incredible opera singer; cops film her to raise awareness and she ends up with money and singing work. All Jacked Up: We all have things we do that make us jacked up. We wanna hear yours, although one woman may have set the bar unreachably high! Ryder’s Horror Movie Marathon: Ryder is watching a different scary movie every night. Claire’s Learnin’ Country: There is so much to learn in Ken Burns’ “Country Music”; here is what you never knew about Willie Nelson. Troop Salute: Sergeant Jim McArthur of both the US Air Force and US Army National Guard. Strategies for Zombie Apocalypse: 40% of Americans have a plan; Fitz gives us a top list of survival tips. The Evolution of Music: reactions to some of the songs played Tuesday; Blake Shelton with Pit Bull and new Zac Brown.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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