Fitz in the Morning Episode #184 Thurs 01/23/20

Well after Wednesday’s #CerealChallenge we may never eat cereal again. Except Ryder – he wants more cereal. In What Are You Kidding Me, science has confirmed why stress turns your hair grey, a new bill would put an end to random emotional support animals on flights, man in California ate Sushi every day for a year until he got a 5 ft. tapeworm, and a librarian found a slice of cheese being used as bookmark. What is Your Perfect Super Bowl Party Food? In the Hourly Bulletin we discuss the latest details on the Wednesday afternoon shooting in Downtown Seattle. In Sports, Eli Manning is retiring and Zion Williamson makes his NBA debut. The Burning Hoops are HOT – Fitz gives us an update on his YMCA kids’ basketball team, including rejected names, a potential budding arsonist on the team, and his daughter Drew being the only girl on the team. In The Fitz Files, Jessica Simpson has a new book that covers her alcoholism and relationships, does Mr. Peanut die in the new Superbowl commercial, Halsey is singing with Kelsea Ballerini on CMT Crossroads, and Jennifer Aniston is done with Hannah on “The Bachelor”. In The Good Stuff, a gas station cashier who needed to be hospitalized thought he was going to have to close down the store but the firefighters who rescued him ran the store until someone else could take over. On Make Up or Break Up, Taylor from Mill Creek is really tired of her boyfriend Chris’ obsessive DVD collection and refusal to stream anything current. Playlist Profiling: Chris from Shelton. Throwin’ Shade: Shade has words for our new favorite Canadians: Megan and Harry.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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