Fitz in the Morning Episode #191 Monday 02/03/20

Brace yourself for some Fitz Shock and Awe, but now it’s time for a Super Bull-Yah! In the What Are You Kidding Me Stories, a pizza shop owner is in trouble for a sign, a woman bit off a guy’s tongue while kissing, we learn the states where people are most likely to double dip chips and we a lovely drunk couple wrecked their car and then did laundry in it. On Ticket or Skip It, Drew reviews “Gretel and Hansel”, “The Rhythm Section”, and “The Assistant.” In the Hourly Bulletin: the WHO declares Coronavirus a global public health crisis, the US Government issues travel warnings for China, the Auburn School District asks IG to take down a kids’ fight page, Tukwila Police release body cam footage of a bystander interfering with a dangerous arrest to film it, and yes your dog has a carbon footprint. In Sports, a Tom Brady picture hints at retirement, the first woman to ever coach in the Super Bowl, and the Las Vegas Super Bowl over/unders give fun hints about the game. In The Fitz Files: Aunt Becky and her hubby are selling their house, J.Lo and Shakira will pay tribute to Kobe Sunday, and Sam Hunt played for the Chiefs for a minute. Super Bawlers: We revisit how we made someone cry for a big screen TV, including the epic news that Fitz IS HAVING TWINS. On City vs. Country, Erica from Renton chooses between City Boy Dan from Seattle and Country Boy Mike from Kent. On Believe it Or Not! we learn the origin of the Filet ‘o’ Fish. Fitz lets everyone know that Ryder and Shade signed their first ever full0time contracts. The Weekend Party Preview has some fun stuff for like Emerald City Trapeze, KidStock and Ground Frog Days.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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