Fitz in the Morning Episode #199 Thursday 02/13/20

More Watershed winning, and we hear your “Ain’t Love Grand” stories as we get set to give away $1000 and a Blake Shelton VIP1 Backstage Experience.In the What Are Kidding Me Stories, two teens are charged for wearing hazmat suits and carrying red liquid labeled “Coronavirus”, a woman gets a call from a robber letting her know he’s robbing her, a man who locked his keys in his car steals a city bus, and KFC is linking up with Crocs for fried chicken scented shoes. What Are The Northwest’s Favorite Romantic Movies? They May Surprise You. In the Hourly Bulletin, a man is arrested for setting luggage on fire at SeaTac, King County is sending Coronavirus cases to motels, the state’s largest free health clinic is open at Seattle Center, a man rams a stolen RV into a police vehicle, and Southwest Airlines extends its delay of using the 737Max through August. In Sports, the Mariners are bringing back pitcher Tiajuan Walker for a year. Fitz has the Top Signs Your Valentine Might Be Out to Get You! The Fitz Files cover Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas’ pregnancy; Rick Moranis is back after 24 years and confirmed for a “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” reboot, and Jim Carrey is in hot water for telling a reporter she’s on his bucket list. In The Good Stuff, a woman gave her kidney to her boss so he gave her the salon that she works in. On Make Up or Break Up, Brad from Silverdale says his girlfriend Eva pressures him to go all-out on Valentine’s Day even though they’ve been together for 6 years. Attention Ladies – Today is Galentine’s Day! Playlist Profiling is Bethany from Tacoma. It’s Throwin’ Shade Time and Shade is on fire about Valentine’s Day.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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