Fitz in the Morning Episode #221 Monday 03/16/20

Shout-Outs to everyone going out into the world to work and keeping us all going, like truckers, cops, farmers, pharmacy techs, daycares, trash truck drivers and everyone else! In the What Are You Kidding Me stories, a hand sanitizer price gouger has been forced to donate it, 7-11 has its own version of a chicken restaurant, divorce rates are skyrocketing in China due to quarantines and bidet sales are spiking because of the TP crisis. Open for Business: hit up the Bullhorn and give your small business a shout-out. In the Hourly Bulletin, mandatory closures of bars, restaurants, and gathering places, officials urging people to stop hoarding because trucks are still rolling, and plans are underway for financial relief such as late-fee forgiveness. In Sports, NFL players agree to a new deal which includes more games, and the NCAA extends eligibility for cancelled spring sports. In the Fitz Files, Tom Hanks riles Twitter by liking Vegemite, Hugh Jackson gets roasted for leaving water running in a hand-washing video, Warner Bros. shuts down production on 70 shows and pilots, and “Bachelorette” stars Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron may be a thing. In The Good Stuff, Italian citizens sing from their balconies to honor medical professionals. On City vs. Country, Ernie from Bothell and City Girl Angela from Everett had their FaceTime date and it was a disaster. Because of You Coronavirus; how has COVID changed your life or ruined your plans? Today’s Troop Salute: James “Jax” Hammer of the US Navy Seabees. Fitz’s teens defied his rules and went out with friends so he banned them from coming home where he has a pregnant wife; did he do the right thing? Monday Motivation gets this quarantine week started off on a positive note.

It’s like high school with a paycheck! Where every day is a Friday.

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